Inground Pools



Our wide selection of vinyl liner pools allows for individual tastes combined with pricing advantages. The competitive pricing of vinyl liner pools gives the homeowner the ability to customize and add many options that give a unique flair to each installation. Vinyl liner pools are very popular in the Central Kentucky area due to speed of installation, variety of selection, and economical pricing. We offer both Sterling (steel wall) and Elite (polymer wall) Fort Wayne pools.



With a gunite pool, your design is as open as your imagination. The hand-crafted process allows for most any idea you can dream of. Beach entry, vanishing edge, tanning shelf, or intricate shapes are easily executed in this construction style. We use the true gunite material, “shot” under pressure over a steel re-bar framework, with walls averaging 12 inches thick. We cut no corners to insure the structure is impervious to the seasonal fluctuations in temperatures.



An Imagine Pool is more than a swimming pool – it is a swimming pool of unique and sophisticated design, technology and technique. It is an unwavering dedication to quality and innovation. It’s the belief that happiness is best experienced with loved ones at your side, enjoying an Imagine Pool in your home.

Learn more about Imagine Pools and the ways we strive as a company to provide you with the perfect accent to your very own backyard paradise with the newly-released company overview video. Please visit for desgins and information. 


A 12'x20' Vinyl Liner pool with cantilever poured decking with Florida fall water feature for soothing sound and beautiful visual accent.


A 16'x28' Gunite pool with negative edge water feature overlooking Herrington Lake.

A freeform Inspiration model fiberglass pool with a tanning ledge, deep end bench, with deep end step.